Men's Anchor Necklace

Men's Anchor Necklace



Handcrafted in Italy, Sailbrace Premium Jewellery line is a reflection of timeless symbols, captured in perfected minimalism. Jewellery is made out of 925 sterling silver and available in silver or with a gold plating in gold or rose gold.
Inspired by simplicity and beauty of meaningful symbols, Sailbrace 
premium line is a perfect jewellery for everyone with profound taste. And we believe that jewellery only becomes special once we add your personal story to it. So here is our message: "Put a premium on your special people, moments, things and anchor them deep in your heart!" 

Men's Anchor Necklace information:

Material: 925 sterling silver
Bracelet size: approx. 59,5 cm
Papership size: H 3 cm x W 2,1 cm

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